In the Seimas in the Sumy region divers found a portable anti-aircraft missile system “Needle”

Divers of the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system, designed to destroy low-flying helicopters and planes, were discovered by divers from the humanitarian demining unit and special pyrotechnic works of the ICRS of the SES of Ukraine in the Sejm River in the Sumy Region.

The explosive device together with a 125 mm artillery shell and a cartridge case were removed from the reservoir in the village of Korolky, Putivl OTG, Konotop district, taken out of the settlement and destroyed by blasting.

Be careful, especially in areas where hostilities have taken place or are still taking place. In case of detection of suspicious items similar to ammunition, report the finding to the authorities, call 101,102.

Interregional Rapid Response Center of the SES of Ukraine

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