School, post office, roads: in Sumy region, police record the consequences of shelling by the Russian military

Yesterday, officers of the explosives department of the GUNP in the Sumy region made trips to the Krasnopil region, the settlements of which were shelled by Russians from abroad.

Police explosives technicians together with officers of the police investigative task force inspected the area where the mortar mines hit and recorded the destruction. The mines damaged schools, post offices, various farm buildings of local residents, their private transport, roads, fences and crops.

“The mines that were dropped from Russia have done a lot of damage. Fortunately, no casualties were reported here today. Citizens living in settlements a few kilometers from the border with Russia should always be alert, and when people hear the first shots or explosions – should immediately flee to the shelter. If it is not possible to hide, for example, in a cellar or other storage, or the gaps caught you in the open – you need to fall to the ground, even in the smallest hole or deepening in the ground, cover your head with your hands, press your elbows tightly to the body and wait shelling “, – advises the chief of explosive department of GUNP Oleg Yevlash.

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