A storm warning was issued in Sumy Region

Ukrhydrometcenter warns of thunderstorms in the afternoon on June 24 in the southern, eastern, most central and Sumy regions, hail and gusts of 15-20 m / s are expected in some areas.

We urge you to pay attention to meteorological warnings and not to neglect safety rules during bad weather.

During a thunderstorm:

  • if you are at home – close all windows and doors, there should be no drafts in the room;
  • in case of a storm warning, do not park the car under trees or tall structures;
  • Do not hide under tall trees, especially single ones, and be aware of the danger of falling heavy branches that can break due to strong winds;
  • Avoid metal structures, street lamps, metal towers, power poles;
  • if you are in the woods – stick to places where low trees grow;
  • if you are in the field – it is better to sit in a pit or trench, the body should have as few points of contact with the ground;
  • while in the mountains, avoid various protrusions and elevations;
  • do not use electrical appliances during a thunderstorm, it is better to disconnect them from the mains. This also applies to the mobile phone;
  • You can not swim in ponds. If you are in a boat and see the weather approaching – go to shore.

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