Three online races from the Sumy sports project Race Project

Race Project invites everyone to three online races across Ukraine! PATRONrun race – the dog Patron became a real hero of the Ukrainian army! Despite the fact that he is not a representative of a strong fighting breed, he still brings great benefits to Ukraine and our army, finding dangerous explosives. We have many stories when our citizens, fleeing their homes from the war, take their pets with them, which is a manifestation of humanity and kindness. But, unfortunately, many animals were left to fend for themselves due to the loss of their owners and dangerous hostilities. That’s why registration for the online race dedicated to the Patron opens! It is planned to transfer part of the funds from the registrations to animal shelters! Registration page:

WELCOME race to Chornobaivka – a small village in the Kherson region became a real hero of the war! That’s where Kherson International Airport is located! It would seem that after our military defeated enemy equipment 1-2 times, stupid orcs will no longer climb there, but no, in three months of war the number of times exceeded 20!


Race “Drive out the salt – run” – you can not buy salt in the market, but you will definitely get a project medal! You must run the selected distance (from 1 km to 42.2 km) by June 30 inclusive.

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