The enemy fires phosphorus bombs at Sumy region: what the residents of Bilopillya need to know

The enemy is cynically shelling Ukraine with banned weapons, and is already dropping phosphorus shells on Sumy region.

According to the Operational Command “North”, yesterday, June 23, at about 5 pm, the enemy fired at the Yunakiv community from Gradiv from the territory of Russia – 30 arrivals. One of the villages of the community was shelled with banned phosphorus shells.

According to the head of the Sumy Regional State Administration Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, a child was injured in the shelling and was hospitalized.

How dangerous phosphorus weapons
Phosphorus, which is used in ammunition, is easily absorbed after contact with oxygen. It has a fairly high combustion temperature – up to 800 ° C – and can spread over a large area – up to several hundred square meters.

Speaking of weapons with white phosphorus, phosphorus bombs are most often mentioned. But mines, artillery shells, missiles and grenades can start with this substance. As for the phosphorus bomb, it is often filled with thousands of small balls of phosphorus and detonated at an altitude of 200-250 meters. It causes great damage not only to technology but also to people.

How to recognize a phosphorus weapon
If a phosphorus projectile explodes at night, it is easy to detect. It will glow noticeably. To understand during the day that the phosphorus bomb was used, pay attention to the bright sparks (they will fly during the explosion) and the thick caustic white smoke. After dropping the phosphorus bomb, strong fires begin, which are very difficult to put out. After all, the projectile will burn until it burns all the phosphorus inside, or until it stops interacting with oxygen.

Such weapons are forbidden!
Due to the high temperature of combustion melts metal, wood, animals and humans. Within a radius of 150 meters near the epicenter of the explosion in humans, even under clothing, the skin is completely charred. When phosphorus gets on exposed areas of the body, it causes severe burns and painful injuries. If white smoke with phosphorus particles enters the lungs, it can burn them completely. If phosphorus in any form enters the body, it causes death in agony. For humans, the lethal dose is only 0.05-0.15 g

That is why in 1977 the Geneva Convention for the Protection of War Victims prohibited the use of phosphorus bombs and other shells with white phosphorus near and inside settlements.

Under international law, such weapons can only be used in the event of a military shelling.

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