Sumy futsal player scored a double for the national team

The youth national team of Ukraine (U-19) takes the second place in group B of the Futsal Week tournament.

Vitaly Odegov’s wards lacked one goal to bypass the national team of Japan and lead the standings of the quartet V.

The day before, the Japanese ended their match against Greenland with a score of 5: 1. Therefore, Ukrainians had to improve this result.

From the first minutes, the “blue-yellows” laid siege to the enemy goal, but managed to score in the middle of the starting twenty minutes thanks to a well-aimed shot by Tkachuk.

The end of the first half turned out to be extremely successful for our team. At first, Lutai brought the futsal player of AFC “Sumy” Smetanenko to the empty net, and the latter did not make a mistake. Instead, Dychuk then demonstrated his goal skills, scoring a double within minutes.

The teams went to rest with a score of 4: 0, but the Ukrainians needed another goal. Smetanenko managed to score at the beginning of the second half.

However, the team failed five early fouls. After the corner kick, the Ukrainians scored for the sixth time, but the referees saw the game with their hand from Smetanenko and awarded a double penalty. After his performance, the score was 5: 1.

In one of the counterattacks, the Hungarians managed to score their second goal. Therefore, the task remained the same. One goal was needed. The “blue-yellows” went forward five and had many opportunities to push the ball into the goal. However, this did not happen.

So, our team qualifies for the semifinals from second place. On Saturday, the Ukrainians will play against the winner of Group A – the Spanish national team.

Ukraine (U-19) – Hungary (U-19) – 5: 2 (4: 0)

Goals in the national team of Ukraine: Tkachuk (10), Smetanenko (17, 25), Dychuk (18, 19)

Composition of the national team of Ukraine: Mykola Guyvan (Mykola Khomyak, 21) – David Kalashnyk, Yaroslav Kvasniy, Oleksandr Dychuk (k), Andriy Tkachuk – Oleksandr Smetanenko, Dmytro Skybchyk, Sava Lutay, Vladyslav Syzyk – Dmytro Rybitsky, Rostyslav Semenchenko, Artem Shchur, Maksym Malinowski.

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