A pensioner from Sumy region killed her roommate

A social worker told the police about the disappearance of a 49-year-old resident of one of the villages of Konotop district of Sumy region. He stated that he had not seen the man for several days. When both officers arrived at the apartment of the missing man, they found him dead.

The investigative task force found out that a few days earlier the victim and his 64-year-old “lover” were drinking alcohol, then started arguing, and the man began to threaten to kill the woman. After the quarrel, he went to bed, and the offended pensioner found a heavy stick in the yard and hit the abuser on the head with it. The latter died at the scene.

The killer, realizing that he would have to answer for the crime, burned the murder weapon, and for several days pretended not to know where her roommate was.

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