The only regional military medical commission is being set up in the Sumy region – Dmytro Zhyvytskyi

Details were discussed with the head of the Central Military Medical Commission of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Colonel of the Medical Service Roman Shevchuk, Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Service Serhiy Hrynchuk.

▪️Today there is no specialized military medical institution in Sumy region, so primary commissions were created in ordinary hospitals.

There are currently 21 of them.

▪️The military receives recommendations for further treatment and / or rehabilitation and a report on fitness for military service. From now on, the final conclusion will be provided by a commission set up on the basis of the Ministry of Internal Affairs polyclinic.

This is a requirement of time and our responsibility.

I have no doubt about our fighters.

I know that many of those who have just been “pulled out of that world” are already rushing into battle. Thank you for your service, for your fidelity to the oath!

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