Another collaborator was detained in Sumy Region: the village headman “drained” information about ATO / OOS participants to the enemy

Investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine reported the suspicion of old age of the village of the united territorial community of Sumy district, which during the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation provided the enemy with information about ATO / OOS members, confiscated hunting weapons from fellow villagers and stored property looted by the occupiers.

According to the pre-trial investigation, the head of one of the villages during the temporary occupation by the Russian armed forces of Sumy district cooperated with the enemy.

It was established that the official, abusing his official authority, provided the enemy with lists of fellow villagers who took part in the anti-terrorist operation and the Joint Forces operation. As a result, the enemy detained and interrogated the villager.

In addition, the collaborator informed the invaders about the owners of hunting weapons and took part in their seizure.

The enemy’s accomplice also arbitrarily moved Russian servicemen into the house of a local resident and provided for the occupiers’ household needs.

During an authorized search of the collaborator’s residence, law enforcement officers found property from local shops stolen by the occupiers, which they handed over to the attacker for storage, a village mine map and mobile devices containing evidence of cooperation with the enemy.

The malefactor was informed about the suspicion under Part 4 of Art. 111-1 (collaboration activities) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The pre-trial investigation is underway. The possible connection of the official with the special services of the Russian Federation is being checked.

SBU officers continue to take steps to identify all persons involved in collaboration activities.

The malefactor was exposed by employees of the Security Service of Ukraine in Sumy region under the procedural guidance of the Sumy regional prosecutor’s office.


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