The authorities and rescuers call on the residents of Sumy region to be responsible in the conditions of war

There is a great threat of missile strikes over Sumy Oblast, as well as over the whole of Ukraine. This has been repeatedly emphasized. The tragedy that happened the other day in Kremenchuk shows that disregarding safety rules when announcing an air alert can cost lives.

Oleksandr Mylash, Director of the Department of Civil Protection of the Population of the Sumy Oblast, noted that recently people have relaxed a bit and the important habit of following shelters during air raid signals, developed in the first days of the war, has greatly weakened.

According to the official, unfortunately, with the departure of the enemy from the territory of the region, it cannot be guaranteed that the attacks of the Russian Federation will stop. Especially since Sumy region continues to suffer from enemy missile strikes, airstrikes, artillery fire, mortars, etc. The facts of damage to critical infrastructure facilities and facilities with a mass presence of people are terrible.

After the tragedy in Kremenchuk, which led to large human casualties in the shopping center, citizens should be encouraged to take more responsibility for their own safety and life.

At the moment, business entities have to make certain conclusions in order to guarantee safety. Visitors who are in the facility at the time of the alarm signal must be directed to shelters within minutes, or, if this is not possible, immediately evacuate people from the premises. “People should behave clearly and without panic in critical situations thanks to an established internal notification system with the involvement of personnel who must undergo appropriate training. The main thing is not to relax and continue to comply with all the rules and requirements of air safety, which save human lives,” stressed Oleksandr Mylash.

The regional state administration once again urges the residents of Sumy Oblast not to ignore air warning signals and to observe the light-masking regime in wartime conditions.

Sad statistics of the war are given by the rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Sumy region: since the beginning of the Russian aggression, as a result of enemy attacks, more than 1,800 buildings and structures, in particular, more than 1,300 residential buildings, have been damaged or destroyed in the Sumy region. Rescuers extinguished 67 fires caused by enemy strikes. But the worst thing is that there are already 73 dead.

“Unfortunately, we cannot say that this terrible statistic will not continue to increase. Therefore, the State Emergency Service strongly recommends each of you to carefully study the locations of the storage facilities closest to your home or work. If you are unable to reach shelter, remember the rule of “two walls” and most importantly, do not ignore the air warning signals,” the rescuers appeal to the citizens.

Rescuers also emphasize that during the summer holidays, adults should monitor children more carefully and remember that they are role models for the younger generation.

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