Russian occupation troops continued to shell the border areas of Sumy and Chernihiv regions

Yesterday, during the day, the invaders fired self-propelled guns and mortars into the Bilopol community of Sumy Oblast, a total of more than 70 attacks were recorded. And in the evening, the occupiers shelled the premises of the psychoneurological boarding school in this community, which housed both staff and patients. As a result of nearly half an hour of shelling from mortars and barrel artillery, the administrative building, dormitory and canteen of the institution suffered varying degrees of damage. Three patients were also injured.

About fifty shots from mortars were fired at the Khotyn community. Fortunately, there were no casualties or damage.

The Znob-Novgorod territorial community was shelled by the Russians with heavy artillery, using 120 and 152 mm phosphor and flechette shells. In total, border guards recorded more than 120 explosions.

Shalyginsk and Novoslobidsk communities were shelled three times a day by the enemy from its territory. As a result of shelling, civilian infrastructure and a residential building were damaged.

Also, the border guards recorded the work of Russian drones 4 times, which monitored the border of the Sumy Oblast from the air.

In addition, this night – close to midnight and early in the morning – machine gun rounds and explosions were recorded in the border community of Snovska, in Chernihiv Oblast.

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