In the Sumy community, the delivery of grocery kits has been temporarily suspended

According to the Deputy Mayor of Sumy, Stanislav Polyakov, the issuance of food kits from the state is currently suspended until they are received from the Poltava Regional Military Administration or individual components for their assembly.

But last week, in four days from June 27 to 30, in the Starosty districts of the Sumy MTG, residents of the Starosty districts of the Sumy urban territorial community were issued 1,803 food kits from the state, which were formed from goods received specifically for this purpose.

500 sets were issued in Stetskivskyi, Pishchanskyi, and Chernechchynsky Districts of Starosty, and 303 in Bytytskyi Districts.

They received, in particular, 58 persons with disabilities, 39 internally displaced persons, 167 members of large families, 40 single mothers and other privileged categories that were determined.

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