As a result of enemy strikes in Sumy Oblast, 73 people died

Since the beginning of the war, as a result of enemy attacks, more than 1,800 buildings, including more than 1,300 residential buildings, have been damaged or destroyed in our region.

But the worst thing is that 73 people died as a result of enemy strikes. Rescuers extinguished 67 fires as a result of shelling.

Unfortunately, we cannot say that this terrible statistic will not increase further.

That is why the State Emergency Service of Ukraine strongly recommends that each of you carefully study the location of the storage facilities closest to your home or work. If you don’t have access to shelter, remember the “two walls” rule.

And most importantly, do not ignore the air warning signals!

Yes, we are all morally tired of this disturbing hum and begin to ignore what can kill.

But the rescuers call again and again – no matter how hard it is – both physically and psychologically – we must persevere. And for this, each of us must be mobilized and disciplined as much as possible. Everything will be Ukraine! Let’s hold on!

Sumy District Administration Main Administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Sumy Oblast

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