In two days, a 13-year-old schoolgirl made half a thousand staples from rebar for Ukrainian soldiers

13-year-old schoolgirl Kateryna Hrynyova from Bilopol’ could not sit aside when her country was attacked by a neighboring enemy. Although she is still a child, she found a way to help Ukrainian defenders. It’s hard to even imagine, but the fragile girl bent half a thousand staples out of the armature with her own hands in two days. It took her two days. Metal staples are needed by fighters in positions to strengthen dugouts.

“500 staples from reinforcement – it will go for the manufacture of six dugouts. This is a very large number. I couldn’t even imagine that such a girl could do so much good for the military,” Serhiy Doluda, the head of the Bilopol volunteer center, does not hide his admiration.

Working with steel fittings with a diameter of 10 mm was not easy, says the girl: “The hardest part was bending. My hands hurt afterwards, everything hurt.”

As a sign of gratitude, the fighters gave Kateryna a memorable gift, but they never told about it. Glory to the indomitable Ukrainians!

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